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Starship Classes
Akira Class
Category: Heavy Cruiser Worp Reactor: Type (M)
length: 464.43 meters Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 6
Width: 316.67 meters Maximun Cruising Speed: Warp 9
Height: 87.43 meters Maximun Reached Speed: Warp 9.6(12hrs)
Commissioned: 2365 Decks: 15
Phasers: Type X Crew: 500
Torpedo Launchers: 15 Estimated Ships: 16

The Akira class is one of Starfleet’s post Wolf 359 generation of ships. Designed to combat the Borg in any future encounter, the Akira is heavily armed with as many as three to fifteen torpedo launchers capable of firing both Photon on Quantum torpedoes. The Akira class was first battle tested during the second Borg invasion where it proved invaluable to destroying the Borg cube. The Akira’s second combat role came during the Dominion War where it accounted for a good percentage of Federation firepower. Having proven its capabilities the Akira class is sure to remain a vital part of Starfleet
NX-62497 USS Akira NCC-62505 USS Black Elk
NCC-63549 USS Thunderchild NCC-62501 USS Geronimo
NCC-62743 USS Osceola NCC-62797 USS Susquehanna
NCC-62891 USS Nez Perce NCC-63293 USS Rabin
NCC-63302 USS Mateo NCC-63306 USS Red Cloud
NCC-64088 USS Devore NCC-65549 USS Spector
NCC-69302 USS Geronimo NCC-71267 USS Jupiter
NCC-71427 USS Leyte Gulf