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Starship Classes
Defiant CLASS
Category: Escort Worp Reactor: Type X
length: 170.68 meters Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 6
Width: 134.11 meters Maximun Cruising Speed: Warp 9.2
Height: 30.1 meters Maximun Reached Speed: Warp 9.9(12hrs)
Commissioned: 2370 Decks: 4
Phasers: Pulse Phasers Crew: 50
Torpedo Launchers: 6 Ships Built: 29
    Ships in services: 18

The Defiant class is Starfleet’s first true warship, though officially designated as an escort class. The Defiant design project was started after the initial Borg invasion, which left the Federation feeling vulnerable to future attack, on an extremely accelerated schedule. Designed from the ground up as an extremely manoeuvrable weapons platform featuring quantum torpedoes and rapid fire pulse Phasers, the Defiant class is Starfleet’s premier class. As thoughts of the Borg diminished, the Defiant program was scraped after the ship proved to have excessive power and weapons problems. With the coming of the Dominion threat the USS Defiant was stationed at DS9 to hold the Dominion at bay until reinforcement could arrive
NX -74205 USS Defiant (Destroyed)
NCC-74205 USS Defiant  Formerly The Sao Paulo(NCC-75633)
NCC-74218 USS Warrior
NCC-74219 USS Colossal (Destroyed)
NCC-74222 USS Trojan (Destroyed)
NCC-74206 USS Thunderer
NCC-74603 USS Battleaxe (Destroyed)
NCC-74210 USS Valiant (Destroyed)
NCC-74209 USS Vindicator
NCC-74220 USS Centurion (Presumed Destroyed)
NCC-74232 USS Dauntless
NCC-74385 USS Victorious
NCC-74960 USS Dreadnought
NCC-74221 USS Endurance
NCC-74591 USS Daredevil
NCC-76183 USS Nemesis (Destroyed)
NCC-74223 USS Scimitar
NCC-74812 USS Divine Wind (In Drydock)
NCC-76111 USS Rebellious
NCC-76121 USS Invincible (In Drydock)
NCC-74500 USS Heroic (In Drydock)
NCC-76688 USS Fury
NCC-74224 USS Sabretooth
NCC-78155 USS Bold (In Drydock)
NCC-75195 USS Mosquito
NCC-78186 USS Viking
NCC-79058 USS Gladiator (Under construction)
NCC-78850 USS Arrogant (Under construction)
NCC-78151 USS Juno (Under construction)