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Starship Classes
Galaxy Class
Category: Explorer Worp Reactor: Type X
length: 643 meters Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 6
Width: 463 meters Maximun Cruising Speed: Warp 9.2
Height: 195 meters Maximun Reached Speed: Warp 9.9(12hrs)
Commissioned: 2360 Decks: 42
Phasers: Type X Crew: 1014
Torpedo Launchers: 3 Ships Built: 65
    Ships in service: 40

The Galaxy class is Starfleet’s current flagship class. The Galaxy was designed to be a multi-purpose mission platform, intended to replace all older classes. The Galaxy class possesses the most advance general purpose scientific and exploration recourses of any Federation Starship class; this makes the Galaxy ideal for long term exploration missions independent of Starfleet resources. The Galaxy class was also equipped with state of the art weapon and defensive systems when it was launched in the mid 24th century, along with saucer separation capability, which allowed the star drive section to serve as a mobile weapons platform when relieved of the bulk of its mass. Before the advent of the Federation battleships due to the Borg and Dominion threats, the Galaxy class was the choice class for defending the Federation borders and showing the flag as a deterrent for any hostile moves from neighbouring species. Finally, the Galaxy class was also designed for diplomatic, evacuation, and first contact missions, fulfilling its role as the most capable Federation ship
NX -70637 USS Galaxy
NCC 70701 USS Providence
NCC 71962 USS Magellan
NCC 71804 USS Discovery
NCC 71546 USS Vantage
NCC 71803 USS Columbia
NCC 71883 USS Pangaea
NCC 71852 USS Trident
NCC 71745 USS Destiny
NCC 74214 USS Satie
NCC 1700-B USS Constitution
NCC 71715 USS London
NCC 71030 USS Wellington
NCC 70657 USS Cape Cod
NCC 70677 USS Anzac
NCC 74310 USS Daedalus
NCC 73993 USS Baltimore
NCC 71973 USS Vanguard
NCC 71380 USS Normandy
NCC 71854 USS Venture
NCC 75383 USS Starward
NCC 74286 USS Illustrious
NCC 71099 USS Challenger
NCC 74131 USS Gorkon
NCC 74187 USS Buccaneer
NCC 74300 USS Dragon
NCC 74655 USS Selkirk
NCC 78046 USS Byzantium
NCC 73706 USS Robin
NCC 76112 USS Visionary
NCC 76019 USS Austin
NCC 78119 USS Ontario
NCC 75416 USS Valiant
NCC 77122 USS Vespucci
NCC 77322 USS Carolina
NCC 76850 USS Oahu
NCC 79143 USS Augusta
 NCC 80117 USS Xerxes
NCC 80011 USS Shackleton
NCC 81095 USS Astute