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StarFleet Intelligence 
Klingon Weapons

To many Klingons, battle is sacred, and treated with much ceremony. Therefore, many advances have been made by Klingons in the field of weaponry.

  • Sonic Disruptor This weapon is the hand unit carried by Klingon soldiers.
  • Disruptor Pistol This is the main weapon all Klingons carry. It has a power cell and fires a bolt of pure energy at a target, vaporizing it. Whether sneaking into enemy territory or going to the market to buy some heart of targ, this is a tried-and-true choice.
  • Disruptor Rifle Disruptor rifles are used mainly by Klingon shock troops, but are also favored by weapons merchants and terrorists for their point-and-shoot simplicity. These deadly weapons are essentially larger versions of the disruptor pistol.
  • bat'leth (bat-LETH) The bat'letH, or "sword of honor," symbolizes the Klingon Empire to much of the quadrant. Made of a crescent with four points, the bat'letH is an imposing two-handed sword. This weapon has been receding from use in open battle, but is still used in "modern" times for ceremonial rites and challenges of power or authority. The first bat'letH was said to have been made by Kahless from a lock of his own hair which he forged in an ore volcano on Qo'noS.
  • mek'leth (mek-LETH) By all accounts, the mek'leH is similar to the bat'leH in many ways, but it is not so much a sword as a large knife. It has a curved blade approximately 30 cm long, and is an imposing sight. Another staple of the average Klingon's weapons closet, this is a formidable blade. Especially suited to close-quarters combat, such as in the corridors of a ship being boarded.
  • d'ktahg (dak-TAHG) The Klingon d'ktahg is a small knife by Klingon standards, mainly used in ceremonies, but also employed as an easily concealable weapon. Every Klingon receives their D'ktahg at their Age of Ascension. It has a 20 cm blade length, with two small blades that snap out of the sides at the push of a button. It can also be thrown.
  • 'oy'naQ (oi-NAKKH - Eng: Painstick) The Klingon painstick is a rod about 1 metre in length. It has a grip on one end and a port on the other end to discharge energy. It is also mainly used in ceremonies of endurance, but is sometimes used for torture. It does not incapacitate an enemy unless used repeatedly. It must be placed very close to the target (essentially touching) to work.
  • chonnaQ (chon-NAKKH - Eng: chon-NAK) Not much is known about the archaic chonnaQ. It is a hunting spear once used in the great Klingon wars; it predates the original Kahless in age.
  • jejtaj (jedge-TAHJ) The jejtaj is a weapon wielded like a pair of brass knuckles. However, with enough practice, one can parry bladed attacks with it and use it as a rudimentary throwing star.