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Starship Classes
Miranda Class
Category: Medium Cruiser Worp Reactor: Type IX
length: 277.76 meters Normal Cruising Speed: 6
Width: 173.98 meters Maximun Cruising Speed: 8
Height: 65.23 meters Maximun Reached Speed: 9.2(12hrs)
Commissioned: 2260-Phasout Decks: 12
Phasers: Type VII Crew: 220
Torpedo Launchers: 2 Ships Built: 172
    Ships in service: 14

The Miranda class was designed to supplement the large Constitution Refit class as a light cruiser that could be made in greater number then the Constitution. Though almost always outmatched now, the Miranda class has proven successful enough to remain useful to the current day, making it the oldest class still in service. During the Dominion war the class served as support for newer ships in the fleet that weren’t as numerous. The Miranda class is expected to be retired soon.
NX-1830 USS Miranda (Destroyed)
Ships Still in service / Destroyed by Starfleet :
NCC-1962 USS Prospero(In Drydock for refit)
NCC-1838 USS Neptune
NCC-1837 USS Lantree (Quarantined, then Destroyed by Starfleet, 2365)
NCC-1864 USS Reliant (Destroyed By Genesis Device, 2285)
NCC-1903 USS Ariel (Training Vessel)
NCC-1977 USS Adventurer
NCC-1845 USS Keil
NCC-1843 USS Svorak
NCC-1997 USS Nostromo
NCC 21112 USS Manta
NCC 31841 USS Astute
NCC 21396 USS Inquisitor (Training Vessel)
NCC 31947 USS Damocles
NCC 21201 USS Albatross
NCC 31985 USS Corvelix
NCC 32017 USS Eurydice(In Drydock for refit)