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Starship Classes
Nebula Class
Category: Explorer Worp Reactor: Type X
length: 442 meters Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 6
Width: 318 meters Maximun Cruising Speed: Warp 9.2
Height: 130 meters Maximun Reached Speed: Warp 9.9(12hrs)
Commissioned: 2357 Decks: 32
Phasers: Type X Crew: 750
Torpedo Launchers: 3 Ships Built: 84
    Ships in service: 61

 The Nebula class was originally designed as a transport for a separated non-warp capable Galaxy saucer section that became separated form its star drive section. As the Galaxy and Nebula classes were being designed, the Nebula’s design was changed to include its own saucer section to make it a compete ship. The Nebula is intended to supplement the Galaxy class’ abilities and with its more compact design to be created in greater number then the Galaxy.
NX-60572 USS Nebula
NCC-60589 USS Washington
NCC-72088 USS Brunel
NCC-71518 USS Commodore
NCC-70012 USS Concord
NCC-61827 USS Merrimack
NCC-61778 USS Aspiration
NCC-71033 USS Dominator
NCC-61422 USS Cape Town
NCC-73142 USS Soyuz
NCC-60915 USS Ukraine
NCC-77562 USS Alaska
NCC-70915 USS Bonchune
NCC-71420 USS Dionysus
NCC-68807 USS Bristol
NCC-69096 USS Garuda
NCC-69803 USS Indri
NCC-70101 USS Montezuma
NCC-72015 USS Sutherland
NCC-71940 USS Santos
NCC-61826 USS Monitor
NCC-65420 USS Phoenix
NCC-79045 USS Cleopatra
NCC-64118 USS Vera Cruz
NCC-61450 USS T'Kumbra
NCC-61589 USS Farrington
NCC-75723 USS Swift
NCC-70352 USS Leeds
NCC-65698 USS Oregon
NCC-61596 USS Unity
NCC-61165 USS Oracle
NCC-61448 USS Edwards
NCC-61832 USS Lexington
NCC-63053 USS Quebec
NCC-63781 USS Accord
NCC-68723 USS Diplomat
NCC-68419 USS Keats
NCC-68502 USS Victor
NCC-69573 USS Copenhagen
NCC-70056 USS Shogun
NCC-70528 USS Vigorous
NCC-72871 USS Hope
NCC-66808 USS Ulysses
NCC-71805 USS Endeavour
NCC-72915 USS Steadfast
NCC-71212 USS Minnesota
NCC-72110 USS Petersen
NCC-79390 USS Pueblo
NCC-79344 USS Elysium
NCC-79145 USS Stockholm
NCC-65330 USS Champion
NCC-80040 USS Vulcan
NCC-79076 USS Yamato
NCC 79241 USS Boadicea
NCC 75890 USS Jensen
NCC 78883 USS Indefatigable
NCC 78015 USS Shield
NCC 72600 USS Oberon
NCC 70356 USS Brisbane
NCC 76765 USS Randeki
NCC 74135 USS Atlas