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Starship Classes
New Orleans Class
Category: Frigate Warp Reactor: Type X
length: 402.11 meters Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 6
Width: 195.64 meters Maximun Cruising Speed: Warp 8
Height: 58.69 meters Maximun Reached Speed: Warp 9.7(12hrs)
Commissioned: 2348-present Decks: 18
Phasers: Type IX Crew: 290
Torpedo Launchers: 3 Ships Built: 52
    Ships in service: 4

The New Orleans Class Development Project began in 2334 with the intent of expanding upon the successful Springfield-class design and ushering in a new era of warp propulsion originally conceived for the Transwarp project. While falling far short of the expected speeds that the Transwarp project promised, new advances in warp geometry allowed computer simulations to postulate that speeds in excess of Warp 9.2 were possible, greatly improving over the Warp 8.9 limit that the Springfield suffered. While retaining the familiar saucer section of the Springfield, the most noticeable addition to the New Orleans spaceframe is the engineering section and redesigned warp nacelles. Coupled with a revolutionary isolinear computer system and the unique ability to be equipped with mission-specific pods, the New Orleans quickly became a favorite during the mid-24th Century.
NX-57288 USS New Orleans
NCC-57355 USS Lisbon
NCC-57295 USS Rutledge
NCC-57820 USS Walker
NCC-61612 USS Oceana
NCC-62745 USS Orleans
NCC-65530 USS Thomas Paine
NCC-63012 USS Valencia
NCC-57290 USS Balmoral
NCC-65075 USS Musashi
NCC-65781 USS Louisiana
NCC-61054 USS Indiana
NCC-65661 USS Sacramento
NCC-58011 USS Mobile
NCC-65262 USS Manson
NCC-61913 USS Emerson
NCC-63102 USS Renegade
NCC-67576 USS Devout
NCC-68210 USS Bersatra
NCC-58617 USS Lille
 NCC-65724 USS Murasaki
NCC-62058 USS Heron
NCC-67339 USS Unicorn
NCC-73880 USS Libra
NCC-74203 USS Warsaw
NCC-74099 USS Dresden