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Starship Classes
Norway Class
Category: Frigate Worp Reactor: Type IX
length: 364.77meters Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 6
Width: 225.61 meters Maximun Cruising Speed: Warp 8.4
Height: 52.48 meters Maximun Reached Speed: Warp 9.7(12hrs)
Commissioned: 2365 Decks: 12
Phasers: Type X Crew: 190
Torpedo Launchers: 3 Ships Built: 39
    Ships in service: 17

The Norway class is a heavily armed Starship, which was designed to supplement the Akira, Steamrunner, and Saber generation of classes. Unlike the other three classes the Norway is not as heavily armed making it more capable of diplomatic and scientific missions.
Ships still in service / Protype
NX-63712 USS Norway
NCC-64702 USS Temperance
NCC-67016 USS Darwin
NCC-64923 USS Budapest
NCC-64510 USS Gemini
NCC-65454 USS Matthew
NCC-63778 USS Suffolk
NCC-65887 USS Hannibal
NCC-79534 USS Bermuda
NCC-66009 USS Oslo
NCC-79427 USS Amphion (In Drydock for repairs)
NCC-79080 USS Undaunted
NCC-79196 USS Dunedin
NCC-67003 USS Forte
NCC-66336 USS Roxburgh
NCC-64341 USS Scylla
NCC-80392 USS Asgard (In Drydock for repairs)