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Starship Classes
Nova Class
Category: Science Worp Reactor: Type VI
length: 165 meters Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 6
Width: 85 meters Maximun Cruising Speed: Warp 7
Height: 34 meters Maximun Reached Speed: Warp 8
Commissioned: 2370 Decks:
Phasers: Type VIII Crew: 80 
Torpedo Launchers: Ships Built: 34 
    Ships in service: 17

The Nova class is a science vessel similar to the aging Oberth class, but with greater science capabilities and the ability to defend themselves in combat situations. The Nova is intended to replace the Oberth class as they go into large scale production.
Ships still in service / Protype
NX -72188 USS Nova
NCC-72343 USS Solaris
NCC-72316 USS Partridge
NCC-72381 USS Equinox (Destoryed in Delta Quadrant)
NCC-72872 USS Havana
NCC-72201 USS Victoria
NCC-72933  USS Wallsey
NCC-72218 USS DeMorra
NCC-72576 USS Darwin
NCC-72701 USS Rhode Island
NCC-72281 USS Archon
NCC-72203 USS Alice Springs (in DryDock for repair)
NCC-72193 USS Clarke
NCC-72189 USS Florida
NCC-72391 USS Tuscany
NCC-72977 USS John Paul Jones
NCC-72816 USS Star
NCC-72909 USS Meridian
NCC-72226 USS Stuttgart
NCC-72705 USS Ranger
NCC-72462 USS Cosmos
NCC-75612 USS Cepheid
NCC-75019 USS Zodiac (in DryDock for repair)
NCC-73012 USS Kraken (in DryDock for repair)