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Starship Classes
Prometheus Class
Category: Multi-Vector Assault Warp Reactor: Type XII
length: 415 meters Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 6
Width: 163 meters Maximun Cruising Speed: Warp 9.9
Height: 64 meters Maximun Reached Speed: Warp 9.99
Commissioned: 2375-present Decks: 16
Phasers: Type XII Crew: 350
Torpedo Launchers: 16 Ships Built: 7
    Ships in service: 7

The Prometheus class was designed as a prototype for multi vector assault technology, as an outgrowth of the Sovereign and Defiant class projects. In designing this ship, Starfleet equipped it with all the latest technology tested with other classes including weapons, shields, and engines. The class also includes a new multi-vector assault design, where the ship is capable of separating into three components that can be coordinated to attack a single threat or act independently to fight multiple enemies. The Prometheus is also the fastest ship in the fleet, capable of reaching speeds greater then Warp 9.9. As the Prometheus class goes into full scale production it should be considered an outstanding threat.
NX-74913 USS Prometheus
NCC-76001 USS Earnest
NCC-75583 USS Miranda
NCC-75193 USS Nirvana
NCC-75776 USS Ariel (In Drydock for repairs)
NCC-80777 USS Guardian (Shakedown)
NCC-58030-A USS Pandora (Shakedown)