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Starship Classes
Soyuz Class
Category: Defence Warp Reactor: Type VIII
length: 243 meters Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 5
Width: 150 meters Maximun Cruising Speed: Warp 6
Height: 86 meters Maximun Reached Speed: Warp 8(12hrs)
Commissioned: 2278-2288 Decks: 18
Phasers: Type VII Crew: 130
Torpedo Launchers: 2 Ships Built: 18
    Ships in service: 1

The design of the Soyuz class is similar to that of the Miranda’s, and shares many of the same systems. The Soyuz class has two large Phaser cannons mounted behind the saucer section, this makes them suited for planetary defence roles. All the Soyuz class ships have since been retired
 NX-1921 USS Soyuz (Destroyed)
NCC-1941 USS Bozeman (Saved after major refit)