Romulan Culture
Romulan ale is a fictional popular blue alcoholic beverage which was illegal because of a Federation trade embargo in the late 23rd century. Despite this, it is often traded and consumed openly. During the alliance with the Federation during the Dominion War, Romulan ale was briefly legalized, even though it was later outlawed again after the war.

Hair is generally cut straight across the forehead close to the eyebrows, with longer locks framing the face, cut following the cheekbones: this style resembles a helmet.

Romulans make generous use of the colors green and grey, and often use materials resembling limestone for construction. The emblem of the Romulan Star Empire depicts a large bird of prey clutching the worlds of Romulus and Remus. The avian motif also appears on their Warbird starships, and may have cultural significance. Those who rejected the teachings of Surak were said to be "beneath the raptor's wing".